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Drafting Services

Licenced Building Practitioner Design 2, BP 120254



Welcome to my web site.

I provide high quality drafting services using

Revit Architecture 2019

AutoCAD 2019

My services:

Documentation of Minor Alterations and Additions

Production of existing drawings

Energy Efficiency Services


Wall Framing Calculator

Gutter Sizing Calculator


 I Also do contract drafting work for Architects and Architectural designers and engineers. The below link shows my current CV.


Portfolio of drawings.

Downloadable Blocks.

View or drag and drop these dwg files into AutoCAD drawings. These files are formatted to AutoCAD 14 or LT 98 or higher

To view these drawings you will need Autodesk Express Viewer. This program is downloadable from the Autodesk web site for free.


For any enquiries, questions or comments please contact me

Daniel Flynn

Documentation of Minor Alterations and Additions: This service includes providing documentation and or advice for minor alterations and additions, investigation of water leaks and damage, re-cladding, re-roofing, detailing of window and door openings, junctions between different claddings, ,kitchen and bathroom joinery and water proofing details, porches, decks, new wall openings, bracing calculations, plumbing drawings, noise and fire rated walls, the design of concrete floor slabs, piles, floor,wall and roof framing, resource consent and building consent applications. Consent applications will be documented to a similar standard as my portfolio (See the above link). Although many jobs apear small and simple, detailed documentation will reduce the risk of problems during the construction stage of a project. This service is only available to the greater Wellington area.. For any enquiries please contact me at Daniel Flynn Back to Top


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Production of existing drawings. Buildings where no drawings exist, where drawings exist but the building has been altered or the existing plans are simply inadequate. This service includes carrying out a building survey, then based on the survey, drawings are produced. The drawings will include all structural elements, external and internal walls, windows, doors, location of all sanitary fixtures, power points, telephone / data points, light fittings and switches. This information will be conveyed through floor plans, elevations and sections. Information relating to site boundaries, sewer , stormwater mains, water and gas supply will be provided on request only as they require information from city and regional councils as well as private service providers. This service is only available to the greater Wellington area. Prices are from $30 dollars an hour plus printing and travel expenses. For any enquiries or more information please contact me at Daniel Flynn


Energy Efficiency Services: Having problems complying with section H1 of the New Zealand Building Code. Branz published ALF 3.0 provides acceptable solutions and methods of compliance for non standard ideas. For instance it allows trade offs in insulation between elements, gives credit for providing useful thermal mass and for wisely oriented windows. I provide full residential building assessment using ALF program for building consent applications and for preliminary designs. Prices for this service start from $20. Please contact me for further information at Daniel Flynn



Wall Framing Calculator: This calculator will estimate the amount of timber required for a timber famed wall. You will be required to enter the length of the wall, the average height, the fall of the top plate if raking or 0 if not and also the stud and batten spacing. All measurements entered must be in metres. Clicking on the calculate button and an estimate of the timber required for this wall is given. The estimate is in metres with wastage added of 10%.


Gutter size calculator: This calculator provides the minimum cross sectional area of a gutter for any location in New Zealand. The calculation is made in accordance with BRANZ Bulletin 350. This calculator only applies to a roof with pitch of less than 50°. Please note that the results from this calculator are not intended to be made part of any Building Consent application or construction contract. No liability is accepted for the accuracy of this calculator. The calculator requires the following information from the user.

 •         Roof Plane Area in square metres. This is the surface area of the roof that drains to a single downpipe.

 •         Location of bends: The user is required to specify the proximity of any bend in the gutter to a downpipe. The options are: if there is no bend within 4 meters, if a bend is within 2 meters of the downpipe or if between 2 and 4 meters.

 •         Length of Gutter, the options are if the gutter is less than 6 meters long or if greater than 6 meters long. Note that for external gutters with a fall the length is restricted. A maximum of 50mm is allowed between the top of the gutter and the bottom edge of the roofing.

 •         Fall of Gutter, the options are if the gutter has no fall, if the fall at least 1:600 or if at least 1:300. Note the minimum fall for an internal gutter its 1:300.

 •         Location of Gutter: the options are either internal or external. Note for internal gutters all of points noted in Branz Bulletin 350 must be followed.

 •         Rainfall intensity is based on a 10% probability of such a rainfall occurring over a 10 minute period. The the data used in this calculator regarding the rainfall intensity for each place listed was put together using Acceptable Solution E1/AS1 Appendix A to the NZBC. Any inaccuracies in this information or for places you would like added please email me. Daniel Flynn

 •         After entering the above details click calculate. In the result box the calculated minimum cross-sectional area of the gutter will appear in mm². I do stress this number is a minimum and does not take into account any blockages that may occur over time. A substantial allowance should be made for such circumstances. Gutter sizes double the size shown by this calculator makes good sense. Back to Top

Daniel Flynn                                                  Date of Birth: 5/10/1973

35 Freyberg Street 

Lyall Bay                                                        


Phone 021 1034 519

E-Mail daniel.flynn@paradise.net.nz


Personal Statement:

I am an Architectural Draftsman who prides myself on working to the best of my ability. I have developed skills in Revit, AutoCAD , manual draughting and knowledge of the construction of residential, industrial and commercial buildings. I am looking to further develop these skills both through contract work and on my own. I am self-motivated and communicate an effective and friendly manner. These are the main skills I recommend to you.


Architectural Qualifications:


2000                            Advanced Diploma in Architectural Draughting

(Massey University)

1998-1999                   Diploma in Architectural Draughting

(Wellington Polytechnic)



·   I am a considerate and sensitive person and always work to the best of my ability

·   Can work independently or as part of a team.

·   Professional experience using Revit Architecture and AutoCAD .

·   I can write programs using Autolisp and JavaScript

·   I also own a copy of the Annual Loss Factor published by BRANZ in which I am proficient.


Work Experience:

Oct08 –Present           Sinclair Knight Merz.

                                    Multi-Discipline drafting including contributing to the Wellington Tunnels Alliance Terrace & Mt Victoria Tunnels Refurbishment

Forsyth Bar Stadium in Dunedin

Wellington Office Cad Support.


   Jan 04-Oct08           Sinclair Knight Merz.

                                    Architectural Drafter

                                    CAD draughting using Revit, and AutoCAD, projects include

                                    Massey University Ag Hort. Block C – Teaching Laboratories (lead drafter)

                                    Wellington Indoor Sports Centre

                                    IBM Building 8 storey office building

                                    Dixon Street Appartments


   July01-Feb 03          Freear Philip Ltd.

                                    Full time Architectural Technician

                                    CAD draughting using AutoCAD LT 2000i

                                    Assisting QS prepare tenders – Take offs, copying

Assisting shift and building divisions when required.


Apr01-June01              Harford Architecture

                                    Full time Architectural Technician

                                    CAD draughting using AutoCAD LT 98


    Feb01-Apr01            Studio Imagery Ltd.

                                    Full time Architectural Technician

Included CAD and manual drafting, library maintenance and accounts.



 Sept00                          Tse Group

                                     3 weeks work experience.



Other Qualifications:

1996 Bachelor of Science with Honors Majoring in Mathematics

                                    (Third Class)

                                    (Victoria University of Wellington)

1992 – 1995 Bachelor of Science Majoring in Mathematics

                                    (Victoria University of Wellington)



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